Hope Kids is a place where kids and teachers enjoy God’s ridiculous love while having lots of fun. In here they will make crafts, play games, hear Bible stories, and explore all kinds of fun activities. They will also sing songs and learn more about God.

We desire to work with each one of you and provide resources for your family to be healthy and equipped, and to empower every kid to be a life-long disciple of Christ. As a parent, some of the most important things we do for our child don’t happen in a single day. We make small deposits in their life week after week. One of these investments you could make for your child today is a regular Sunday School – whether at Hope Kids, or elsewhere.

Whatever be your child’s age, our passionate team creates a curriculum that encourages kids to study God’s word, thus filling their lives with Hope and Grace of Christ.

Come join us. Hope Kids is crazy fun!

CSI Church of Hope, Sarjapur Road

 Chapel inside St. Jerome PU College, 
Ambedkar Nagar, Bangalore 560035