Reverend Reshin Renold

Rev. Reshin Renold completed his theological studies at the Kannamoola Kerala United theological Seminary in Thiruvananthapuram in 1996 from the Puthiyara CSI Church, Kozhikode. He entered the priesthood a year later in 2001. After serving for 18 years, he served as the Chief of the North Kerala diocese and later the diocese of Malabar. Since June 2018, he has relocated to the Central Karnataka diocese in Bangalore. He subsequently served as Assistant Presbyter of the East Parade Church and as Presbyter In charge of the Chinnappanahalli Ebenezer Malayalam CSI Church. Eight months later, following the rigors of managing the spiritual care of two pastorates, Reshin achen ceased his ministry in the East Parade and assumed full responsibility for the pastoral growth of Ebenezer CSI Malayalam Church. He was a major influence in the strengthening of the Sarjapura extension ministry at Ebenezer Church. This extension was later renamed to CSI Church of Hope. Born and raised in a small village in Kerala, he brings a unique Malayali element to the ministry of the Church of Hope. Reverend Reshin lives at the parsonage in Marthahalli with his loving wife, July Kochamma, and two wonderful daughters, Riya and Liya.

Women's Ministry Director

Mrs. Viji Shaji oversees women's fellowship lived out at Church of Hope. The aim of our fellowship is in accordance with that of the women's fellowship of CSI church.
We aim to unite the women of church and equip them for a witnessing life. We want to share our experiences, learn from them and grow in Christ.
If it's God's Will, we dream to be a blessing for our church.

Sunday School Director

As the Sunday School Director, Roshan oversees the kids ministry at both Ebenezer CSI church and Church of Hope. He has been happily married to Ninu for over 12 years and have 2 kids. Both of them actively participate in the growth of the Sunday school. They live in the Sompura Gate area.

Area Diocese Representative

An ever smiling Thomas ( fondly called Prasad ) is a constant fixture to our church. He brings all his exposure to the stabilisation of the Ebenezer CSI church into the mix. There is no better family to discuss church financial matters than Prasad's given both husband and wife are financial professionals.


Rosewin is the Treasurer at Church of Hope. His family has been faithful servants of our Lord and are committed to the growth of the church. Rosewin has been actively involved in promoting our church through various campaigns.



Akhil is blessed with a great ear for melody and notes. His talents are a boon to the church ministry. He and his wife, Tintu, are instrumental in resonating the Glory and Praise to our Lord through music.

Junior Choir In charge

Ninu juggles the leadership of junior choir practice sessions along with her responsibilities of common sessions for Hope Kids ministry. Widely revered by the young kids who eagerly await every interaction with her.

CSI Church of Hope, Sarjapur Road

 Chapel inside St. Jerome PU College, 
Ambedkar Nagar, Bangalore 560035